Is The Restoration of Eiganjo the New Fable? Modern Power Conduit MTG Deck Guide

In November of last year, I was excitingly working on a mono-white artifact brew in Modern built around a relatively new (at the time) card, Oswald Fiddlebender. The deck was full of cool synergies, had a sweet combo featuring Crackdown Construct and Lightning Greaves, and felt well positioned in the metagame at the time. I was a big fan of playing an artifact-based midrange deck that was full of two-for-ones and got to play a great mana base with no taplands, while maintaining both a low mana curve and high card quality. 

Oswald FiddlebenderCrackdown ConstructLightning Greaves

Unfortunately, Fiddlebender fell out of favor with Yorion and Living End rising to prominence and I put the deck down for a long time. This November however, I revisited this old brew, hoping to try out a few new additions. 

These new additions were The Restoration of Eiganjo and Power Conduit, a pair of cards that both play well together and also power up a lot of the other cards in the shell. 


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2 thoughts on “Is The Restoration of Eiganjo the New Fable? Modern Power Conduit MTG Deck Guide”

  1. Man, I love his is the deck. After Spikes stream, I brought it to the last two FNMs and am currently 7-1-1.

    I would like to read the article, but I cannot access it from outside the U.S. 🙁
    Please let us non-U.S. people access the PRO arcticles again!

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