Is Arcane Proxy the New Snapcaster Mage in Modern MTG?

Arcane Proxy is the card that piqued my interest the most in The Brothers’ War, the newest Magic set coming out in few days.

Arcane Proxy

While the casting cost seems prohibitive at seven mana, this card has a new ability called prototype, which lets you discount its mana cost to 1UU by getting a 2/1 rather than a 4/3. You’ll be able to flashback an instant or sorcery that costs two or less, making this card similar to a Snapcaster Mage if you’re flashing back a one-drop, but better if you’re flashing back a two-mana card like Expressive Iteration.

We’ve already seen Izzet Murktide lists playing Snapcaster Mage, but it was never quite as good as the other threats. I’m curious to try Arcane Proxy out since its combo with Expressive Iteration might make it better than Snapcaster for UR Murktide.


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5 thoughts on “Is Arcane Proxy the New Snapcaster Mage in Modern MTG?”

  1. Several things to point out: Snapback is cheaper and has flash making it infinitely more useable. Yes, you have to pay the mana cost with Snapback but… you can choose a card with 3 or more mana as well, including cards like Force of Negation. So no, this isn’t a replacement, not even close.

  2. Rodrigo Andres Leon

    I don’t think it replaces snappy but I do think it fits its own niche by hitting 0 mana spells.
    I think I will have a great home in cascade decks hoping to reuse their signature spells.

  3. firstName lastName

    He doesn’t say it’s a “replacement,” he says it’s “the new” snapcaster mage. This would suggest that it does what it does but in a new way. That means it doesn’t have to have flash and it doesn’t have to cast any spell. It doesn’t have to be exactly the same as Snapcaster and it shouldn’t be, that card would just be a Snapcaster reprint. Some people are so dumb.

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