Huge Improvements with BRO! Standard Boros Invoke MTG Deck Guide

For players who’ve played a decent amount of Standard over the past few months, you likely have run into the Boros Invoke Justice deck once or twice, or maybe even picked it up yourself. This deck has been flying under the radar, waiting for new tools to push its power level up a notch. Fortunately, The Brothers’ War has several cards that fit well in this strategy.

Traditionally, the deck has relied on hits like Velomachus Lorehold as a powerful option to reanimate with Invoke Justice. However, the deck can push in a direction of being more oriented on bringing back artifacts and enchantments from the graveyard. By making this transition the deck can play Repair and Recharge to essentially go up to a full eight reanimation spells. By doing this, the consistency of the deck increases, though your reanimation targets also need to shift.


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