How You Should Actually Build Your Brothers’ War MTG Limited Decks

I was having a bit of trouble coming up with a topic for this week’s article. And it’s not because there isn’t anything to talk about with The Brothers’ War Limited, far from it. It’s more that I was unsure about what subject to tackle that would be the most helpful. So, I turned to Twitch chat where there was a near unanimous request for a piece on deckbuilding. The drafts weren’t necessarily the problem, it was the final build of their decks that folks felt they were losing equity on. And while drafting and deckbuilding are obviously linked at their core, there are some fundamentals I want to outline for you today about limited deckbuilding in general and for BRO specifically. Let’s get to it!


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Header - Back to Basics

No, not those basics!

I won’t go fully into “the rules of engagement” mode here, but I do want to touch on a sentiment that I have felt and that I’ve seen other Limited players and creators express. The Brothers’ War is very much a back to basics Limited format. If you’re like me, one of the very first things you learned to level-up your Limited game was the acronym BREAD: Bombs, Removal, Evasion, Abilities, Dudes, or some variation on that theme. 

In many ways, that acronym still applies today. The bombs are plentiful with not only a smattering of powerful cards from BRO itself but a ton of colorless cards in the retro artifact slot (looking at you, Wurmcoil Engine!). Removal is crucial to a winning strategy. I can’t remember the last time I prioritized interaction the way I have been in the first week of this format. Even “clunky” removal spells like Unleash Shell and Powerstone Fracture have been good to great. Evasive threats are alive and well with many a flyer needing to be dealt with. And the ability to create and use Powerstones backed up by a good curve of creatures checks off the boxes for “abilities” and “dudes.” Whether or not this style of Limited Magic appeals to your senses is another thing, but engaging with the format in this way is how you will set yourself up for success.


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