How to Win the Arena Open: Kaldheim Draft MTG Deep Dive

Welcome to a Deep Dive on drafting Kaldheim, just in time for the Arena Open! Kaldheim is a great format, and I’m excited to go back to it. Even if you aren’t playing the Open, it’s available on Arena right now, and I would highly recommend checking it out. 

Before starting this, I would suggest checking out Alex Nikolic’s look at the Kaldheim Sealed format, which will be the Day 1 format of the Arena Open:


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1 thought on “How to Win the Arena Open: Kaldheim Draft MTG Deep Dive”

  1. Loved all the clear, actionable advice. “Look to draft Snow basics pick 3+” “Run Ashore is strong, but you don’t need to take it early.” I can do those things! (I think I’ll be skipping the Battlefield Raptor deck, please and thank you…)

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