How to Spend Your Arena Wildcards for Forgotten Realms

If you’re an Arena player with a limited budget, here’s the list of cards you can craft with your Arena wildcards on day one – guilt free – without feeling like you’re wasting any value. If you’re more interested in strategy than finances, this is the list of cards that I think will be widely played from Adventures in the Forgotten Realms in Historic, current Standard and looking ahead to post-rotation Standard.

There’s no need to follow this power ranking completely. The most expensive thing to do on Arena is to switch frequently between decks and colors. On the other hand, if you can hone in on a smaller number of color combinations or strategies that appeal to you, all the better. Craft the cards that fit your preferences and ignore the ones that are likely to idle in your collection. 



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Common wildcards usually aren’t something to sweat, but here are a few commons that I’ve seen people talking about for Constructed.



In reality, rare wildcards tend to be the scarcest commodities, so I’ll spend the most time on those. But first, I have my top 5 Uncommons and Mythics. 


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