How to Sideboard with MTG Pioneer Mono-Green Devotion: The Wishboard

Mono-Green Devotion has a reputation of having an easy sideboard strategy: simply submit the same initial 60 cards with no changes. The sideboard is 15 artifact wish targets for Karn, so why should any be boarded in?

The answer is you should be sideboarding against almost every popular archetype in Pioneer. This article will cover two topics. First, the theory behind when to sideboard with a wishboard. Second, advanced uses of your sideboard cards that are not obvious from reading the cards. In the second part, I’ll give a detailed guide of how to sideboard and play against the 18 most popular decks in Pioneer.

Throughout this article, I’ll be using the list I’ve converged on with MTGO grinder and fellow Mono-Green collaborator Ari Zax, who despite his name, is actually a different person from Ari Lax. Ari Zax made the Top 8 of MTGO challenges on three consecutive recent weekends with Mono-Green. 


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1 thought on “How to Sideboard with MTG Pioneer Mono-Green Devotion: The Wishboard”

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    Hello Bobby,

    I’ve seen that Ari Zax currently has Statue instead of Chariot. Similarly to what you said about the other artifacts, when is statue gonna be sideboarded in, if ever?
    What matchups is it relevant? Phoenix and control come to mind to me?

    Awesome article!

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