How to Sideboard with MTG Pioneer Mono-Green Devotion: Matchup and Sideboard Guide

In my previous article, I went through all the necessary background for sideboarding with Mono Green in Pioneer: the theory and the card-by-card interactions. This article is what you really want though: a sideboard guide (with matchup-by-matchup notes). That first article was eating your vegetables; this article is dessert.

While this is meant to be a guide, it’s also meant as a jumping off point for the Pioneer-playing community. As of this moment, sideboarding with Mono-Green is underexplored. The writing here reflects my current thinking on how to sideboard with Mono-Green, based on the approximately 1000 matches I’ve played over the last seven months and from discussions with my fellow Mono-Green playing friends. I fully expect further refinements to occur. Multiple Pro Tour champions have given completely non-overlapping answers on some matchups, so it would be arrogant of me to think that this is the final word on the topic. If you have input, feel welcome to sound off in the comments.


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