How to Qualify for the MTGO 20th Anniversary Finals

The 20th anniversary event on MTGO is coming up fast, with one of the most exciting prizes we’ve seen for a Magic Online event in a while – a full playset of every Vintage-legal expansion. By the time this article will be out, we’ll be down to four formats remaining (two Limited and two Constructed), and you’ll need a Limited and a Constructed token to actually play the event. So here’s a quick guide to the current state of all four of the remaining formats, and what to play in them.



Header - Modern

The modern metagame is fairly stable at the moment, with a clear and well-defined best deck, Four-Color Yorion Blink. While there’s some variation between different versions of the deck, with major variants being Elementals, lists with Ragavan and lists with a general midrange game that eschew both of those sets of cards. Playing in the Qualifiers for this event, I’d expect to see even more of this deck than usual, since all-access tokens make it easy to get access to what might otherwise be a prohibitively expensive deck.

Modern is a format where play experience counts for more than optimal deck selection, so I wouldn’t recommend switching decks if you already have a deck you’re experienced and confident with. If you don’t, however, I’d look to bring a deck that tackles the Four-Color matchup well, since I expect that deck to be extremely popular. The other deck that’s reliably one of the most played is UR Murktide, a matchup that is generally quite good for Four-Color. As a result, my go-to choice would be bringing a version of Four-Color that is well situated to go over the top. I’m personally a fan of this Brought Back list from Rei Zhang (mtgo’s cftsoc3).


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