How to Optimize Your Mental Game for MTG: Deep Dive

One of the most overlooked aspects of playing Magic: the Gathering is a player’s mental game. In fact, there are many aspects of mental game that players are completely unaware of. This article will focus on the less tangible aspects of playing MTG. Ever make a play and think “oh, that was a boneheaded mistake,” and know exactly what you did wrong? It happens to the best of us.

Minimizing those types of in game blunders is one part of having a strong mental game. Knowing how to react to a mistake and successfully move on is another important part of having good mental fortitude. I’m going to go over what it takes to play a long and competitive event that can be grueling and last multiple days, such as a Pro Tour. For players who haven’t played that level of MTG yet, this will help provide an idea of what it takes to reach an elite level of play, while keeping your head in a good space. 


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  1. I wonder if it would be possible to cut that KC Grand Prix video a bit earlier? Very unfortunate slur there at the end.

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