How to Make Day 2 of the Arena Open: A Kaldheim Sealed MTG Crash Course

Next weekend’s MTG Arena Open format is one of my all-time favorite sets for Limited, Kaldheim! As has been the case for the last few opens, day one is Sealed and day two is Draft. If you want the low-down on the draft format, you can check out LSV’s draft guide, coming soon. Today though, I want to run you through what you’re going to need to know for navigating Kaldheim Sealed and making it to day two!


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4 thoughts on “How to Make Day 2 of the Arena Open: A Kaldheim Sealed MTG Crash Course”

  1. This was super helpful, thank you! Biggest surprise was that you’re low on Glittering Frost. I would’ve expected that to be a key card in the multi-color snow decks.

  2. Hey, thanks Reid!

    To expand of Glittering Frost a bit, it’s a case of there often just being cheaper/better options to fix your mana with. If you’re short on snow enablers but have snow payoffs it does go up a bit, but when you factor in the dual lands and the multiple ways to search your snow basics, spending 3 mana ends up being on the more costly side of ways you have to enable your snow cards. Another way to look at it is the other cards that fix you are either lands or provide you a body/additional resources rather than just being air in one of your spell slots. The more snow/the more I’m stretching my mana, the more likely I am to play it but it’s not a default card for me!

  3. firstName lastName

    This article got me to subscribe to CFB. Keep up the good work Alex! Your industry is inspiring to me as an educator.

  4. This looks like great content and I want to read it! Let’s get CFB pro available outside the US please, kind of a ridiculous situation and it’s been a while

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