How to Keep Winning Late Into a Limited Season

At some point in your time playing Limited, I imagine most of you can’t keep winning consistently and have experienced your win rate over the course of certain formats (or maybe over the course of several formats!) having a trajectory that looks something like this:



You did well early in the format, started to trophy more and more, maybe you even went on a heater at some point! But somewhere along the way, you started having shakier drafts, felt a bit lost in the format and ultimately had a much worse win rate than you did even at the start of the season.

So what gives? Shouldn’t you just get better at a format the more you play it? Experience in a format certainly plays a role in your performance, but it’s far from the only factor. Today, I want to walk through why many players experience win rates that mirror that of the chart above, as well as what you can do to keep your win rate high as a format matures.




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