How to Draft UW in Crimson Vow Limited

If you don’t live in the world of Magic Twitch and Twitter, you might not be familiar with Brine Comber’s nickname, Brian Comber. It all started with Twitch chat being ridiculous, as usual. When you say the word Brine out loud, it’s easy enough to mistake it for Brian, and Brian Comber sounds like it really could be someone’s name. It also coincidentally sounds like the name of someone with an especially important profession, like a doctor or a lawyer. I’ve heard everything ranging from Dr. Comber to Brian Comber, Attorney at Law, but regardless of his profession, Brian Comber does serious work being able to draft UW and is the most important non-rare card for the deck to work. 




Header - The Deck's Game Plan

Azorius can play out a couple of different ways depending on the type of cards you have (duh), but at its core, the deck is aggressively slanted with the ability to grind the opponent out by going wide and/or tall. 

Most of the time, you want to get out to a quick start by leading with some cheap flyers, of which Lantern Bearer is one of the best. If you can’t close the game out with early evasion, you can often clog the ground in the mid game and set up scenarios where your opponent can’t attack you because you get such powerful Auras when your creatures trade or chump. 

Usually, games end with you killing your opponent via an army of small flyers courtesy of Mr. Comber. If you aren’t going wide with 1/1 flyers, you can often build a large flyer with disturb Auras and win in the air with a single threat.

There are also a number of cards like Traveling Minister or Gutter Skulker that can change how you try to win the game. In fact, the variety of ways you can try to end the game is one of the greatest strengths of Azorius. It attacks the metagame from a unique angle compared to most of the other decks and is very resilient to most interaction other than Flame-Blessed Bolt, which is the deck’s kryptonite.


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