How to Draft Selesnya in Forgotten Realms Limited

Thank the Magic gods that Adventures in the Forgotten Realms has finally started to move past the point of Rakdos: the Format. While you can still draft Rakdos more frequently than you should be able to, it is important to have other tools in your venturer’s pack when you sit down to draft. Now’s the perfect time to learn how to draft Selesnya!



Here’s my current order of preference for decks if I’m trying to win:

  1. Rakdos Sacrifice
  2. Rakdos Treasure
  3. Red/X (yes, even Izzet)
  4. Selesnya
  5. Orzhov Venture
  6. Golgari
  7. Other Blue Decks

While the Rakdos craze during the first few weeks of the format was going on, I was bravely sacrificing gems to figure out ways to combat the Price of Loyalty monster. While my Arena stockpile suffered, I traded gems for lots of knowledge on how to and how not to draft Selesnya in the format. I was hoping to report that there were ways that Selesnya could legitimately compete with Rakdos, but honestly, I’ve come to accept my Rakdos overlords at this point. 

The good news is that Rakdos is more and more contested, so you need to know how to draft Selesnya and the other non-blue color pairs to really maximize your win rate. More good news: after reading this article, you’ll be a certified Selesnya expert!



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