How to Bluff in MTG: Mental Magic Deep Dive

Today we’re going to have some fun. Let’s go beyond the cards to discuss Magic’s mental game – in particular, the topic of bluffing. In a game of hidden information, can you know more than your opponent? Can you make better decisions than them? Can you even trick them into doing things the way you want them to?

First, a disclaimer: bluffing is an advanced aspect of MTG. It won’t come up all that often, and even when it does it’s somewhat unlikely to change the outcome of the game. If you go into games seeking to bluff your opponents, you’re likely to wind up tripping over your own shoelaces. You’ll make awkward plays and get yourself into uncomfortable spots. Recognize that the fundamentals and the way you play your own cards will determine many more games than the occasional bluff will. 

Instead, the best bluffs come when you’re playing tight, solid Magic and simply recognize a good opportunity when it presents itself. Therefore, learning to be on the winning side of the occasional bluff is part of elevating your game to the highest level possible. 

Once the basic aspects of the game start coming effortlessly for you, your mental energy can go towards things like bluffing and reading your opponents. Consider bookmarking this Deep Dive and coming back to it again later in your MTG journey. 


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2 thoughts on “How to Bluff in MTG: Mental Magic Deep Dive”

  1. Nice article Reid, this is why paper magic is far superior to online magic. The mind game is a part I love siting across my opponent. Not many possibilities for the pros to express this kind of qualities online. If only the coverage of paper magic would be better…

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