How to Beat Reid – The Anti-Izzet Creativity MTG Guide

It’s Villain Week on CFB, where we’re highlighting the dark side of trading card games, brought to you by My Hero Academia CCG’s League of Villains

Izzet Creativity might have been the best deck for the Pro Tour, but it’s certainly far from unbeatable. Our team did a great job recording all our games and analyzing the metagame and came up with this prediction for the Pro Tour metagame share. 

We were pretty much spot on, which is remarkable. If you take a look at the average deck lists of all these decks at the PT, you’ll find out that most of them didn’t really have a whole lot in their 75 to fight against the Creativity combo or the Hullbreaker Horror sideboard plan. Or at least not in a way that would make us go “wow, this is going to be really hard to beat.”

Now you might be thinking “if all these decks failed at stopping Reid from winning the PT, what can I do?” Today, I want to show you some good sideboard tech against the Creativity deck and how you can tune some of these top decks to have a better shot at winning this matchup. 


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