How I Won Pro Tour Phyrexia

The last of the old-style Pro Tours was Mythic Championship VI in Richmond, Virginia, way back in 2019. After that, the combination of a world-wide pandemic and an emphasis on Magic Arena changed the landscape of MTG’s organized play for 2020, 2021 and 2022. 

I did my best to roll with the punches. I love playing MTG in any form, and was grateful to have some cool tournaments to play while everyone was stuck at home. However, I never felt quite the same excitement as in the old days, when players from all across the world would converge on one tournament hall to battle it out. 

Worse yet, I never really hit my stride. I managed to keep my head above water when it came to my Magic Pro League and Rivals League standings. However, despite playing in every major tournament, I never broke through to a top finish during this play-from-home era. 

But the Pro Tour is back, baby, and so am I!


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8 thoughts on “How I Won Pro Tour Phyrexia”

  1. What an exciting tournament, Reid! Thanks for sharing what goes through a pro’s head through much of it. Congratulations, again, and thanks for helping all of us become better players. — Polymerizer

  2. firstName lastName

    Was so fun to watch you play and put up the result. Made an incredible story and a great watch. I’ve been babbling about this pro tour to random people in Kazakhstan for the last week. Non-magic friends nicknamed you “dicaprio” for finally getting that PT (Oscar) win we knew would come eventually.

  3. Great write up Ried! Love hearing what was going on in your head on all of these close matches. Congratulations and well deserved!

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