How Do You Build Rhinos in Modern MTG? – Deep Dive

Since Shardless Agent was printed in Modern Horizons, Crashing Footfalls (aka Rhinos) has been a popular Modern deck and after 18 months, the decks still keeps on winning.

It recently picked up the trophy at LMS Trieste in the hands of Stefan Steiner and the MTGO PTQ by Talisker, strongly claiming the Tier 1 title in Modern alongside other top decks in my monthly Modern Power Rankings.

Since Leyline Binding was printed, there’s two main ways you can build your Crashing Footfalls deck. The first one is a four-color version, which has been more popular lately, that uses the premium removal of Leyline Binding as well as extra consistency with Ardent Plea. The second is Temur Rhinos, which plays Brazen Borrower over Leyline Binding and gets to play around Blood Moon while having the option to run them in their sideboard. Let’s start with the four-color version.


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