Modern Horizons 2 Hot 2 Handle Limited Combos

Now that Modern Horizons 2 has been out on Magic Online for a few weeks, it’s time to explore my favorite things a Limited format has to offer: build arounds and two-card Limited combos! Here are 12 of the sweetest interactions I’ve managed to pull off so far in Modern Horizons 2!

This is a sweet set to draft, and if you’re interested in picking up a box to draft yourself, I suggest checking out ChannelFireball.com for all your sealed needs.


Header - Rift Sower + Fae Offering

Rift SowerFae Offering


Fae Offering is perhaps my favorite card in all of Modern Horizons 2. It’s not particularly difficult to make work in any green deck and it’s especially explosive in the dedicated token deck with cards like Junk Winder or Combine Chrysalis. You want to make sure you have cheap creature and noncreature spells alike to keep the trio of tokens flowing. This means cards like Hard Evidence, Glimmer Bairn and Abundant Harvest. The real trick to get this going as early as possible is to suspend a Rift Sower on turn two which will time out perfectly to cast both this creature and Fae Offering on turn three. Hello Treasure, Food and Clue tokens!


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