Historic Orzhov Auras – Deep Dive

A couple weeks ago, I thought Auras was unplayable in a big Historic tournament. I kept thinking of the deck mostly as Azorius with Curious Obsession and Staggering Insight, which made it great in racing other creature decks but terrible against Jund Sacrifice with cards like Claim the Firstborn and Priest of Forgotten Gods. That matchup felt truly horrible. Later on, many players switched from Azorius to Orzhov Auras, adding a little bit of removal and some Thoughtseize in the 75, but cards like Mogis’s Favor, Selfless Savior and Hateful Eidolon still weren’t really doing it for me. Eidolon might be a fine card in another format like Pioneer where you also get to play Ethereal Armor and, more often than not, use it as your one big lifelinking threat, but unless you were playing against a deck where both Dead Weight and Mire’s Grasp were good, it felt quite underwhelming to me. 

Then Orzhov Auras did really well in the Kaldheim Championship, despite essentially everyone expecting Jund Sacrifice or Jund Food to be by far the most played deck. I thought all the Auras players must’ve either lost their minds, or more likely, there was a version of the deck that was doing reasonably well even in those matchups and it’s me who’s stubborn and not exploring the archetype more. I decided to give it a try, cut some of the cards I didn’t like, added some more stuff I felt like was important and came up with a list that got me a 5-1 record in the latest MPL League Weekend.

This is the Orzhov Auras list I’m playing now with Strixhaven in the mix.


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