Historic Orzhov Auras – Deck Guide Update

Last week, Brainstorm got banned in Historic (or rather suspended, but you know what that means), which is great news for discard spells. They were pretty much unplayable since the introduction of the Mystical Archive, but now they should make a comeback, with Orzhov Auras one of the most notable discard decks out there.

Thoughtseize is an incredibly powerful card that I’m very grateful for in Historic because it helps the format keep the combo decks in check. If Brainstorm wasn’t legal, the Jeskai Taking Turns deck would never have been that insanely powerful because it wouldn’t be as consistent and other players would’ve been able to challenge it with discard. By getting rid of Brainstorm from the format (the best card in Legacy – let that sink in), things should become a lot more fair again.

If you’re interested in seeing how well Orzhov Auras can perform in the post-Brainstorm meta, or how well your take on it is, I suggest trying out Untapped.gg for some Historic tracking and data.



Header - What Does This Mean for Auras?

In the Brainstorm era, Izzet Phoenix was the most popular deck. There was a lot of control and discard was nonexistent. As the Auras player, one of the most important things you had to figure out was winning the damage race against Phoenix. Staggering Insight was perfect for that and Dovin’s Veto was excellent against control out of the sideboard. It’s no Thoughtseize though, because the difference between one and two mana is night and day in a deck like this. 

In my opinion, it makes sense to go back to playing Orzhov Auras now. I expect less combo decks and a return to a slightly more creature-oriented format.


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