Historic Nine Lives GW Enchantress – Deck Guide

I’ve started to get back into the Historic format a little bit recently. The other day, I wrote a Deck Guide about Niv-Mizzet, and while looking for inspiration for the next deck to write about, I decided to check on Untapped.gg. Low and behold, to my surprise, the winningest deck was a Nine Lives GW Enchantress deck at 63.6 percent win rate.

I know many of you may be newer to Magic than I am, but Enchantress decks used to be very popular back in the day. Actually, I always enjoyed the decks, and combo decks in general, especially ones that draw tons of cards every turn. I think this deck is pretty good – it has multiple angles of attack, and while it’s reliant on a small number of cards, which can be tough, it has some redundancy and an overall good game plan.




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