Historic Mono-White Aggro – Deck Guide

Mono-White Aggro got a lot of new tools with Jumpstart: Historic Horizons and thanks to Thalia’s Lieutenant, Esper Sentinel and Ranger-Captain of Eos the deck is stronger than ever and a top contender in Historic metagame.

I tried brewing with Mono-White Humans last week, with Lurrus of the Dream-Den as my companion, I liked the deck, but I think the best way to build your Mono-White Aggro deck is without the Lurrus restriction and the ability to play with Elite Spellbinder, Skyclave Apparition and Ranger-Captain of Eos.

My good friend Matteo Venturi, the original Gnorilgrande, won the $2000 grand prize in the Arena Open with this deck list and, after trying the deck a bit, I was definitely impressed!



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