Historic Metagame Analysis for March – Win Rates, Deck Lists and More

Did you qualify for the upcoming Arena Qualifier Weekend on April 10-11? Do you want an overview of the most popular and/or best-performing decks in Historic right now? Then this article is for you.

Over the past few months, Historic has changed considerably. In December and January, Sultai/Four Color Midrange was dominant, but the ban of Uro, Titan of Nature’s Wrath essentially eliminated it as a competitive archetype. Moreover, Kaldheim and Historic Anthology IV were released, giving rise to new strategies.

In this article, I’ll provide a data-driven overview of the current state of the metagame. Specifically, I analyzed the Best-of-Three metagame based on all events that took place on MTG Melee since the release of Historic Anthology IV, from Friday, March 12 up to and including Sunday, March 28. This includes the Kaldheim Championship, for which I counted all decks, matches and cards twice to emphasize the level of competition. In total, this yielded 2278 decks and 6449 corresponding matches.

As I’ll show, the archetypes with the best win rates were Abzan Midrange, Orzhov Auras, Boros Cycling, Mono-Blue Tempo, Gruul Aggro, Jund Sacrifice and Selesnya Company, and I have aggregate deck lists for all of them.


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