Historic Jeskai Control After the Set Championship – Deck Guide

My weapon of choice in Historic for the Neon Dynasty Championship is Jeskai Control. I’m writing this article before the tournament, the hopes and expectations are high. Today, I want to give you an insight into my testing process for this tournament and how Sam Rolph, Matti Kuisma, Luis Salvatto, Javier Dominguez and I managed to convince ourselves to register Jeskai. 

Going in, it was clear for us that BG Food and UR Phoenix are the two powerhouses of the format. Food is punishing creature strategies and Phoenix is beating up on combo and control decks while both being incredibly consistent and resilient to hate. These decks are better than what the rest of the format is capable of. There are decks out there that can beat one of the two, but not both.

A popular one is UW Control, which is really good against BG Food, but on the other hand is bad versus UR Phoenix. And trust me, I tried everything to make that matchup work for UW, without any success. What is UW Control missing against Phoenix? Mainly early efficient removal is needed and for the post-board games and it would be great if the UW side had an efficiently costed card advantage spell like Expressive Iteration. You can’t just play efficient removal like Fateful Absence because then the Phoenix player will just outvalue you. We ditched Divine Purge quickly – that card is terrible against Phoenix and with March of Otherworldly Light entering the format, and the matchup against Food is still great. 

So, we’re looking for efficient card draw and cheap removal. Here comes Jeskai, my old friend. I got to qualify for the World Championship with Jeskai Control in Historic at the Challenger Gauntlet. The deck will always have a place in my heart. Lightning Helix and Anger of the Gods are fantastic against Phoenix. Expressive Iteration is crucial to get ahead on cards while not spending too much mana (time) doing so. Another notable red card is Fry, which we’re playing three copies in the sideboard. Not only does it hit a bunch of creature decks like Humans, Heliod, Angels, Merfolk and Auras, it’s also strong versus Phoenix by getting rid of Crackling Drake, Stormwing Entity and the otherwise hard to deal with Svyelun of Sea and Sky. Of course, Fry is amazing in control mirrors, too.




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  1. will give this a try, but 3 non-blue sources seem too much since u cant really afford to draw two with 4 archmage’s charms

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