Historic Izzet Phoenix – 1st Place at Redbull Japan! – Deck Guide

Today’s deck is Historic Izzet Phoenix deck, and this exact list I got from Takumi Utsunomiya at the Redbull Untapped Japan event. This was the best finishing deck in the event, so congrats! Izzet Phoenix has been a powerhouse in Historic for a long time. Even the removal of Brainstorm and Memory Lapse hasn’t done enough to take the deck down from near the top of the standings. The deck has a strong game plan, with a lot of card selection and synergies, explosive draw potential and with good plans in most matchups.

My teammate Martin Juza recently covered a Delver variant of Phoenix (as well as original Phoenix), which you can check out here. However, today’s list will be more similar to World Champion Yuta Takahashi’s list, which Martin also highlighted here.




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