Historic Gruul Aggro – Strixhaven Deck Guide Update

It’s the time of the year. Everyone is trying new brews, there are ton of new multicolor decks with awkward mana bases and decks are generally not very well tuned. This means it’s a great time for Historic Gruul Aggro! 

Taking Turns is a great example of a deck that’s really hoping the opponent doesn’t come out swinging and just gives them time to develop and do their stuff. Brainstorm is now probably the most popular card in the format. Many players are durdling around casting Faithless Lootings, trying to set things up for their Magma Opus or Emergent Ultimatum and, just in general, hoping you don’t pressure them too much and ideally not even interact. These types of decks and the natural desire to try the new cards also managed to push out Jund Sacrifice, which was the biggest enemy of this deck. 

Overall, if you’re a fan of aggro, Historic Gruul Aggro seems to be pretty well positioned right now. 

My build is very similar to the one I was running before. As they say, if it ain’t broken, don’t fix it. I’m pretty happy with the haste creatures – they make your Collected Company a lot better and, in general, pressure the opponent more, which seems to be important right now. 


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