Historic Affinity with New Capenna – Deck Guide

One of the breakout Historic decks from the Neon Dynasty Championship was Azorius Affinity. Jean-Emmanuel Depraz piloted his build of the archetype to an impressive 7-0 record, and it immediately caught my eye. I had played Affinity for years in Modern, and I happily jumped on the opportunity to shuffle up artifact lands, Ornithopters and affinity spells once again. The Historic format even contained cards that reminded me of Springleaf Drum and Master of Etherium.

As such, Azorius Affinity seemed like the natural choice for me in April’s Historic Open on MTG Arena. It delivered: I ran the tables on Day 1 and finished 6-2 on Day 2, good for $1000.

In the Arena Open, I copied Depraz’s version card-for-card. Since then, I’ve made a few tweaks and updated it with Streets of New Capenna. Here’s my latest build.




3 thoughts on “Historic Affinity with New Capenna – Deck Guide”

  1. “Negate is slightly worse than Dovin’s Veto, which was included in Depraz’s original sideboard. The uncounterable text helped me stop Arne Huschenbeth’s Farewell in the Arena Open even though he had Mystical Dispute backup, so it definitely comes up. Nevertheless, I switched to Negate because I added Jegantha, the Wellspring as a companion.”

    I don’t understand why adding Jegantha necessitates the removal of Dovin’s Veto. Dovin’s Veto can still be run with Jegantha as a companion?

  2. Also, here’s a useful tip for the deck: You can beat Nine Lives plus Solemnity with Shadowspear plus a Moonsnare Prototype in your hand. Activate Shadowspear to make Nine Lives lose Hexproof, then bounce it back to their library with Moonsnare Prototype’s channel ability, and they will automatically lose. Other than countering those spells, this is the only way this deck can beat that combo, so don’t always play your Moonsnare Prototypes in that matchup.

    You also can’t do this if they’ve played Sterling Grove to give Nine Lives Shroud, since Shadowspear sadly doesn’t remove that, so you’re on a timer to do this before they play Sterling Grove.

  3. You’re completely right. It had been a while since I had used Jegantha as a companion, and I misremembered its companion restriction. We can safely switch back to Dovin’s Veto! Sorry for the confusion and thanks for pointing it out.

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