Hasty Decisions with RB Blitz in New Capenna Limited

Unless you’ve been living under a Limited rock for the past month, you know that Brokers is the deck to beat in Streets of New Capenna Limited. Whether base UW or WG, this deck gets access to all of the best commons (including mythic common Inspiring Overseer), the best three-color uncommons and the most busted rares in the entire set. Luckily, it seems that everyone is on the same page with regards to the power of Brokers and it’s often been contested in my recent drafts. In those cases, I’m looking for a successful off-ramp to another archetype that can give the best deck in the set a run for its money. My current favorite non-white deck in the format is RB Blitz and I’m here to tell you exactly how to draft it!




Header - Rares

Body LaundererOb Nixilis, the AdversaryUrabrask, Heretic PraetorJaxis, the TroublemakerProfessional Face-BreakerSanguine SpyShakedown HeavyTenacious UnderdogEvelyn, the Covetous

These are the rares in red or black that, if I open or get passed, make me want to move into this deck. Some of these are obviously powerful and some perhaps need a bit of an explanation. For some reason, the stats of Jaxis on 17lands.com aren’t nearly reflective of its power in my experience playing both with and against it. Additionally, Evelyn is one of my favorite rares to open in SNC. It’s easy to ramp out a turn early thanks to the abundance of Treasures in the format and provides incredible value not only initially but by rebuying it with a recursion spell or additional Vampires like Midnight Assassin and Glamorous Outlaw


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