Great Historic MTG Matches, Part 1 – Deep Dive

After next year, the Magic Pro League and Rivals League will be discontinued. With the future of Competitive Play so uncertain, there’s never been a better time to appreciate Magic’s history, and tie together nearly 30 years of larger-than-life gaming. In this two-part Deep Dive, I’ll present 10 great historical MTG matches. This isn’t necessarily meant as a ranking of the “best MTG matches ever played.” Instead, I’ve tried to select excellent, iconic MTG matches from a variety of time periods and formats, which can tell the story of competitive Magic. 

I don’t necessarily expect you to read this Deep Dive start to finish and watch every second of linked coverage all in one sitting. Instead, you can take it piece by piece; you can choose a select few MTG matches that particularly interest you; or you can skim for the highlights, through which I’ll be guiding you. Regardless, these MTG matches all have something to offer for anyone who loves Magic. 



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