Get Ready for New Iteration of Chromatic Cube!

We’re in a bit of a lull between Streets of New Capenna and Alchemy Horizons, so what better time to see the release of another Cube on MTG Arena for the next two weeks! This time around, we’re going to be returning to the Chromatic Cube, one of the more unique cubes I’ve ever had the pleasure of drafting. Today, I’m going to outline my experience with the Cube the first time around, and some of the changes I’m anticipating seeing with the update to the card list.

If you haven’t already, I’d recommend checking out the announcement article here:




Header - 5-for-1 is the New 2-for-1

The Chromatic Cube is very much designed to be high-power and low-synergy. There is very little interaction, and your best bet is to find the most powerful cards around and ramp as hard into them as you possibly can. The Cube is full of ways to ramp and fix your mana at the one, two and three-mana value slots as well as a myriad of haymakers at the top of your curve. Time Walks in the form of Nexus of Fate and Alrund’s Epiphany, massive sweepers like Ruinous Ultimatum or Star of Extinction and must-answer threats like Kenrith, the Returned King and Golos, Tireless Pilgrim were some of the cards you were thrilled to jam into a deck, sometimes all at once.

Truly, the best decks in the format looked like absolute five-color piles! Ways to cheat on mana like Fires of Invention and Mirari’s Wake accompanied non-basic lands, mana rocks and mana dorks to give you the ability to cast some of the most busted cards Arena has to offer. Take a look at this beautiful trophy deck from last summer:


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