Gabriel Nassif’s Standard Grixis Epiphany for Worlds – Deck Guide

The deck lists for the World Championships become public this morning. The player who I was most excited to see the deck for was my good friend, Papa Hat, Gabriel Nassif. It looks like he and his teammates decided to bring a Grixis Epiphany deck featuring Lier, Disciple of the Drowned. The deck looks like it was a metagame call, looking to exploit a field of Mono-Green and Izzet Epiphany. This is a strong suit of Gab’s, so I was excited to try the deck, and am further excited to watch him play it this weekend. Here’s my take on the deck. I want to make clear – I don’t know the strategies of Gab or the other competitors, and these are my impressions from playing some and studying the deck lists.



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