Four Ways to Build White Midrange in Standard

White is the strongest color in Standard – it just has it all! It has the best two-drop in Luminarch Aspirant, excellent removal with Skyclave Apparition and March of Otherworldly Light, amazing value permanents with The Wandering Emperor, Legion Angel and Wedding Announcement and finally some great sideboard options in Archon of Emeria and Farewell. The question is: what colors do you pair it with?

Black is a really good backup color, with Vanishing Verse being a premium removal spell and Tenacious Underdog being a great two-drop threat that’s solid in the early game and great recursion in the lategame. Black also gives you access to The Meathook Massacre, a sweeper that will help you clean up the mess as well as helping you throughout the whole game.

The man abase in Standard is the best it’s ever been, with Pathways, slowlands and Triomes, making it easy to splash one or even two colors. With all these elements, let’s take a look at four different builds utilizing all these powerful white cards.




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