Five Synergy-Driven MTG Decks to Shine After Standard Rotation

Today, I have five Standard decks that will shine bright like a diamond after rotation! A big Standard with a large card pool will always keep many otherwise passable strategies suppressed. There might be cards that are so strong against certain archetypes that you can’t fathom playing your favorite tribal or your cool combo deck. Rotation means saying goodbye to those bullies – I’m looking at you Goldspan Dragon, Esika’s Chariot and Vanishing Verse

Whatever it might have been that kept your favorite deck down, rotation is the start of a new beginning with new opportunities and new hopes. Of course, no guarantees, Dominaria United could be the most broken set ever and the brews I’m presenting you today could turn out to be garbage in comparison. But let’s assume, which is totally reasonable, that Dominaria will have an average power level. 

I also wrote about five current Standard decks that can survive rotation, which I suggest reading about here.



Header - Humans

First up, Humans, everybody’s favorite tribe, right? Who are we kidding? In reality, we’re always complaining about everything.But hey, imagine there’s a multiverse and it has some humans in it. And now imagine that in this magical universe, humans actually work together! I’m telling you, this universe exists and here I have for you the best example of a harmonious tribe working together to defeat the evils of the world. Innistrad is a horrible place to live in, but the good thing is, danger brings people together. We should really take a look at this remarkable example of team spirit and learn from it.


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  1. Plus, we get some new Toys to fit in the Decks!!! And some new Common Dual Basic land types!! Which feeds the Domain synergies as well… I think tribal is gonna be ok……

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