Five Promising Underrated Historic Decks from the Championship

The Innistrad Championship brought us the first major showcase of the Historic format in over half a year. In that time period, a string of bans and the release of Jumpstart: Historic Horizons revitalized the format, and the metagame was now dominated by Selesnya Humans, Izzet Phoenix and Golgari Food. Relevant insights regarding these and other popular archetypes can be found in my metagame breakdown and in Martin Juza’s most recent Power Rankings. But while it’s useful to know about the top-tier decks, it’s more interesting to look for underrated Historic decks among the less popular archetypes.

So I ran the numbers and found the five archetypes with the highest Historic win rates overall in the Swiss portion of the Innistrad Championship. All of these were played by no more than four players, and all of them had even higher win rates than heavily played archetypes like Rakdos Arcanist (whose numbers are excellent, though a bit inflated because the average pilot was a Hall of Famer or World Champion) and Golgari Food (the breakout deck of the tournament). For reference, here is the full win rate table.




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