Five-Color Creativity is the Best Version! Modern MTG Deck Guide

Just few weeks ago, I wrote about Temur Creativity and how it was better than the Grixis or four-color versions, but something changed: with the printing of Leyline Binding, you’re now getting a one-mana removal spell in a deck that was already splashing the fourth color (black) for Archon of Cruelty.

Leyline Binding is extraordinary at dealing with Murktide Regent, a threat that was very hard to overcome before, as well as killing an Engineered Explosives that kept your Dwarven Mine token in check, stopping Indomitable Creativity. Leyline Binding is the card this deck needed to bring the matchup against Murktide to 50-50. 

This is very similar to what just happened with Temur Rhinos, that thanks to Leyline Binding is now an improved five-color deck. And you can read more about it on my Deck Guide.



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