First Impressions of the Dominaria United Sealed MTG Format

Dominaria United has been out for less than a week, but we’re already coming up on a lot of tournaments in the format, starting with back to back MTGO Super Qualifiers this week. Of course, that isn’t nearly enough time to get a good hold of the format, so I’m here with a quick guide and my thoughts on the format so far.



Header - How Many Colors?

As a domain set, Dominaria United has already got a reputation as a four and five-color Sealed set, so I’ll lead with saying that’s wrong. While four and five-color decks are doable and fairly common, they are not almost always available or far and away the best thing to be doing, similar to Modern Horizons 2 or Streets of New Capenna.

To start with, you want to see what fixing your pool has, because a lot of pools will just not have that much of it, and it may not be in convenient colors for the best build. Looking at my fixing is generally the first thing I do when building in the format, as it will change the context for a lot of how you evaluate your pool.

Generally speaking, unless you open a ton of dual lands or are playing green and happen to open a lot of green fixing, I would recommend trying to stick to two main colors. Playing a three or more color deck without sufficient fixing will lead to you stumbling and falling behind, so just don’t push your mana too much.

The axis on which you do want to get greedy with your mana is domain and off-color kickers. Most decks will play as many tapped duals with one on-color as they can get away with, both to increase domain and to better be able to splash kickers on cards in your primary colors. Cards like Keldon Strike Team and Tolarian Geyser are acceptable even without kicker, but get much better if you have duals that let you play them. For this reason, cards like Crystal Grotto are actually playable in this set, and will make the cut a good amount of the time.


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