Extracurricular Studies – Drafting Dimir in Strixhaven

“Dimir is a state of mind.”
-Sam Black

The question of viable off-college decks was present in everyone’s mind at the beginning of Strixhaven. Memories of the success of Dimir Control decks in Guilds of Ravnica or Boros Aggro decks in Return to Ravnica are inflated in my opinion, so I was dubious of there being more than just five archetypes to draft in Strixhaven Limited.

Boy, was I wrong.

I begin this article with a quote from the architect of Strixhaven’s sixth college, Sam Black. As far as I know, Sam was the first person to champion Dimir as a very real and powerful deck in the format and I owe my success with the archetype to his discovery. Whether you’re drafting Dimir as just two colors or as a framework for a multicolor good stuff pile, this is definitely a class you’ll want to register for this semester. Let’s get into it!


Header - The Game Plan

Dimir is the true control deck of the format and one of the reasons it’s so successful is that a good version of it can be comprised almost entirely of commons. The keys to the deck are a deep roster of learn and Lesson cards, a good removal suite, beefy Serpentine Curves and the possibility of powerful splashes thanks to Environmental Sciences. Blue and black complement each other so well in this format, giving you a deck with a large lesson toolbox and tons of decisions each and every turn.


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