Explorer UW Control – Deck Guide

The Magic hivemind has done the work. I’ve reaped the learnings to present you with the UW Control Deck Guide you’ve all been longing for. 60 or 80 cards? Is UW well-positioned in the current metagame? How do you sideboard? Those and many more questions will be answered in the following article. This one is dedicated to my fellow control mages, enjoy the read!

The format of Explorer is still young, but the more matches are being played, the more discussions keep happening and the more tournament results we’re receiving, the more the fog of uncertainty slowly disappears around the format and UW Control.

UW Control has been a strong and popular choice in Explorer’s father format – Pioneer. The cards that are available and see play in both formats are almost identical. The big one missing in Explorer is the powerful and uncounterable Supreme Verdict. Can UW Control perform in Explorer the same as it does in Pioneer even without having access to the clean sweeper? The answer is a clear yes. 

CFB’s own Gabriel Nassif chose a 60-card version of UW Control for the Qualifier Weekend. He achieved the difficult feat of going 7-1 to qualify for Day 2. Unfortunately for him, the competition was too tough to overcome on Day 2 to qualify for the exclusive Arena Championship. Here’s the list that Gab recommends going forward.




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