Explorer Rakdos Sacrifice – Deck Guide

Rakdos Sacrifice is currently the most played deck in the Explorer Best-of-three format. Popularized by Michael Bonde who successfully used it to qualify for the Arena Championship, this archetype quickly took over the format in the following week and is currently the preferred version over Jund Food.




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2 thoughts on “Explorer Rakdos Sacrifice – Deck Guide”

  1. Thanks for another great article! This deck went from fringe to everywhere on the ladder incredibly quickly. I struggled the most against Rakdos Sacrifice decks that don’t run Ob. However, I’ve mostly played Green Stompy so that is expected. Questing beast is a huge help in that matchup. I’ve seen some people running a similar Rakdos Sac deck with Oni-cult Anvil, but that version has felt underwhelming.

  2. Sigh.. when is wizards going to recognize we’re tired of cat oven being the best deck in every recent format

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