Explorer Mono-Green Aggro – Deck Guide

Mono-Green Aggro is the best deck in Explorer at the moment. There, I said it. 

There are five reasons why.

1) Almost no decks are playing sweepers right now. 

Except for Azorius Control, which usually has between two to four in what’s usually an 80-card deck, there’s pretty much no other deck running board clears. I’ve seen a few Meathook Massacres out of Rakdos’s sideboard, but that’s often not even close to fast enough against creatures like Steel Leaf Champion and Old-Growth Troll

2) It has the best curve in the format. 

Llanowar Elves into Steel Leaf Champion into Collected Company for more three-drops. Pelt Collector into Werewolf Pack Leader into Old-Growth Troll into Primal Might. It’s the hardest hitting deck in the format with seemingly an endless stream of aggressively costed creatures that have stats way ahead of the curve. 

3) It’s an excellent Collected-Company deck. 

Company decks often have the problem of not having enough powerful hits, but this deck has plenty. There are 29 creatures with mana value three or less, most of which are excellent hits at any point in the game. I’m basically never unhappy to get Steel Leaf Champion, Old-Growth Troll, Rhonas the Indomitable, Werewolf Pack Leader or Scavenging Ooze, which is 19 high value targets. 

4) Almost no one plays Greasefang on the Arena ladder. 

Greasefang would normally be a bad matchup because we have no instant speed interaction other than hoping we get to exile their Parhelion II with Scavenging Ooze in time. But somehow, it’s virtually nonexistent on the Arena ladder at the moment. 

5) It just wins.

Yesterday, I decided to do a little bit of laddering to secure the top 250 spot that qualifies you directly into Day 1 of the next Set Championship Qualifier Weekend and lets you skip the play-in events. I usually prefer aggro decks for laddering that finish their games quickly, so this time I picked Mono-Green. I don’t normally place too much importance on ladder results, but I went 15-0 in mythic and all my games felt incredibly easy. This deck is far from broken – it’s just a regular creature deck with a great curve and almost no interaction – but I can tell when I’m getting lucky in tight spots and when a deck is just well positioned, and this one is definitely the latter. 




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