Explorer BG Fight Rigging – Deck Guide

Creature decks have a tough time in Explorer. RB Midrange, Jund Food and UW Control are packing a ton of removal. Generic linear aggro decks are not equipped to slog through all the interaction. But there is hope for you players out there wanting to put your cards sideways.

BG Fight Rigging combines a powerful proactive game plan with a support package of great black interaction spells. It’s essentially a modified version of Mono-Green Aggro that’s better equipped to fight through creature hate. Fight Rigging and The Great Henge are difficult to interact with and generate card advantage. This deck can play the long game and grind out decks like UW Control or RB Midrange with ease. Even if your opponent destroys some of your early plays, you only need one big creature to get going and either Fight Rigging or The Great Henge to snowball out of control. 

The strength of the deck is curving out with Llanowar Elves on turn one into a hard-hitting three-drop on turn two. The game plan of attacking your opponent is often already enough. And if not, you can overpower your opponent with Fight Rigging and The Great Henge. Speed and pressure combined with reach and inevitability is a recipe for success.




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