Evolving Hammertime to the Current Modern Metagame

Part of mastering a deck in Modern is understanding how to build your deck in an ever changing metagame, and understanding the strengths and weaknesses of the different card choices available to you. One deck that’s going through a lot of changes at the moment is the aggro-combo powerhouse Hammertime. A little after Modern Horizons 2 first released, and the deck was emerging in popularity, I wrote a deck guide for Hammertime which you can read here:

If you’re a player that’s looking to pick up a hammer for the first time, I recommend reading that deck guide first then coming back to this one, as that article is a better introduction to the core concepts behind this strategy. In this deck guide I intend to discuss the different builds of Hammertime. The community as a whole is somewhat split on the best way to build the deck. But before we can dive into the different variants of the archetype, we need to understand the problems in the metagame that Hammertime players are trying to solve. 



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