Everything You Need to Know About Urza’s Saga – Deep Dive

Urza’s Saga is an incredibly unique card, printed in Modern Horizons 2 that made a big impact in all the formats where it’s legal – Modern, Legacy and Vintage – while not breaking any. It’s very complex and today, I’m going to take a look in depth at how to best utilizing it in its relative formats.

Urza's Saga

Urza’s Saga is, as the name implies, a Saga. This means it comes into play with one lore counter and it gets an additional one in every one of your first main phases, after the draw step. It’s also an enchantment, which means it’s susceptible to Disenchant effects like Wear // Tear and Force of Vigor while also getting bounced by Teferi, Time Raveler. It’s a super powerful card, but it has its liabilities. 


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Construct Token // Treasure Token (20)Construct Token // Treasure Token (20)Springleaf DrumSoul-Guide Lantern

Urza’s Saga can provide not just one Construct token, but two. Typically, you’ll create one at the end of the opponent’s turn while on the second chapter, then another before Urza’s Saga hits the graveyard, while the triggered ability from the third chapter is on the stack.

You want to play Urza’s Saga whenever you already have a mana around. This typically means on turn two, since you’ll be able to make a Construct on turn three, but it you can also play it on turn one together with a Springleaf Drum, a Memnite or an Ornithopter to immediately make Constructs on turn two.

The most common way to utilize Urza’s Saga is to get two Construct tokens out of it and then have it replace itself with a mana source, like Springleaf Drum, or a cantrip, like Soul-Guide Lantern, so that you don’t lose the land drop or the value.

Finding a mana rock – whether it’s Springleaf Drum in Modern, Mox Opal or Mox Diamond in Legacy or Moxes or Black Lotus in Vintage – is very important assure that you don’t fall behind on mana while deploying your board state.

You don’t always have to make a Construct token when Urza’s Saga hits the third chapter though. You can also float a colorless mana, tutor up your zero or one-mana artifact and then use the mana to play a spell in your first main phase.

Urza’s Saga specifically mentions an artifact card with mana cost zero or one, not mana value. This means you aren’t able to tutor Engineered Explosives or Portable Hole, but the artifact card you’re getting has to have zero one as its mana cost in the top righthand corner.

Urza’s Saga can also tutor combo pieces for decks like Colossus Hammer or Amulet of Vigor that can make a deck come together. Hammer Time and Amulet Titan are the two best Urza’s Saga decks in Modern, the one who can exploit the third chapter and not only rely on the Construct tokens to do the work.


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