Everything You Need to Know About Ledger Shredder – Deep Dive

Ledger Shredder is the newest and hottest card in Magic. Everyone’s talking about it and everyone wants to play it!

Ledger Shredder

The card flew under the radar in the first days of Streets of New Capenna and now it’s by far the most expensive card of the set on Magic Online, which often reflects how much the card is played in Constructed compared to others.

After a few weeks of playing the card in almost every format, I wanted to give you an overview of where to play the card and how to get the maximum value out of it.



Header - Rules of Engagement

Mishra's Bauble

The first general rule is that if your deck has Mishra’s Bauble in it, it’s possible that you want to play four copies of Ledger Shredder and vice versa – if you’re interested in playing with Ledger Shredder, you should almost definitely add four Mishra’s Baubles to your deck.

Mishra’s Bauble is a really nice and flexible card that has almost no deckbuilding cost but has plenty of upsides. In a deck with Mishra’s Bauble and Ledger Shredder, you almost never cast the Bauble on turn one because drawing the Shredder will let you connive as early as turn two.

Lightning Bolt

Should you discard a land or a spell to Ledger Shredder?

This question doesn’t have a proper answer. In general, whenever I play with Shredder, I focus very little on its +1/+1 counters and think more about sculpting my best hand for my gameplay. It’s a different argument however to have the first +1/+1 counter against a deck that you suspect has access to Lightning Bolt.

In that case, it’s totally understandable to discard a spell so that your Bird can survive the most popular removal spell in the format. In other scenarios, you might want to count your clock and how relevant it is to deal extra damage here and there over the possibility of missing a key spell few turns later.

I would say that generally the first +1/+1 is important, but after that, treat it like a normal looting effect and don’t think too much about the counters.

Narset, Parter of Veils

Ledger Shredder triggers if both you and/or your opponent plays two spells in either turn. Connive is a mandatory trigger – this means that if your opponent has Narset, Parter of Veils, you’re forced to discard a card if you’re playing two spells in your turn.

While Narset doesn’t see play in Modern, it’s quite popular in Pioneer and Legacy, along with Hullbreacher and Leovold, Emissary of Trest. Your opponent can blow you out playing two spells in your turn to trigger your Shredder, forcing you to discard a card for no real value.

Keep in mind these interaction and remember to attack Narset with your Shredder before casting a second spell.

With some general tips and guidelines on how to play the card established, let’s get into detail and see where the card sees play.


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