Everything You Need to Know About Alchemy – Deep Dive

MTG Arena’s newest format, Alchemy, is a digital-only rotating format that was introduced in December 2021. Its legal sets are the ones in Standard plus the Alchemy-only ones. For example, we just had Alchemy: Innistrad, with 63 unique cards with digital-only mechanics. Alchemy is also the first time that MTG Arena has introduced rebalanced cards, a much needed fix that will ease the heavy cost of banning a card deemed too good for a format, like Alrund’s Epiphany in Standard.

I’ve had a great time playing Alchemy and enjoy the new mechanics introduced to MTG Arena, so today, I’ll give you a walkthrough of the format, with a sample of every deck that’s part of the metagame.

Untapped.gg was a huge help in writing this article. Thanks to its customizable tier list, I was able to look for the highest win rate decks on the ladder of the various formats available on Magic Arena, including Alchemy.



Header - Dragons

Let’s kick things off with the card that I think is the most powerful in Alchemy: Fearsome Whelp.

It might look unassuming and a “for fun only” card, but Fearsome Whelp gave birth to the Dragons archetype, which is the most successful deck in Alchemy both according to Untapped.gg data and according to my own playtesting.

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