Everything to Know About Dominaria United Limited: MTG Deep Dive

I’ve been really enjoying Dominaria United Limited and I would like to give a shout out to the playtesters and game designers that worked on it. This set makes for a very balanced Limited environment with a lot of different archetypes and a lot of interesting choices during the draft. 

There’s a few main reasons I really enjoy DMU Limited:

  • There’s a lot of good removal so the format doesn’t feel like it’s dominated by rares at all. Sure, there are some really good ones like Herd Migration, Drag to the Bottom or Sol’Kanar the Tainted, but all of it can be dealt with by a simple Extinguish the Light, Essence Scatter or a Negate out of your sideboard. 
  • There are very few unplayables in the packs, which means that you have time to stay open, make flexible picks and pivot if your seat asks for it and still end up with a good deck. This also means that you usually have a good amount of sideboard options, which also makes for better games.
  • There is just enough fixing to be able to consistently play 3-color decks with good mana or even 5-color Domain if you are willing to take fixing high enough. Having to take lands over other playable cards creates interesting draft picks and I feel like the draft forces me to take them at exactly the point where it is not too high, but I am also not getting them for free. 

Let’s start with my top five commons of every color, and as a reminder, I suggest checking out my previous two Deep Dives on Dominaria United Limited as well.



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