Everything I Know About Pioneer for the MTG Regional Championship

Pretty much all I’ve thought about for the past month is Pioneer. I’ve spent hours every day playtesting various decks, talking about the format with friends and scouring The Brothers’ War spoilers for anything that could fundamentally break the metagame.

At the end of this intensive process, I landed on the deck that I think will give me the best chance in the Regional Championship: Izzet Phoenix. 

I don’t feel as confident about this choice as I would like, though. Fortunately for me, this seems to be a nearly universal feeling heading into this weekend. As Jarvis Yu said on his Twitter this week, anyone who claims they are confident about their deck selection is deluding themselves. This metagame is too strange, and all the good decks have too many flaws.

In this article, I will tell you all about what led me to this decision and everything I know about the shape of the meta going into this weekend. I’ll breakdown the strengths and weaknesses for each of the top decks in the metagame, and I’ll share some dark horse contenders to keep an eye on throughout the weekend.


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