Everything I Know About Modern Izzet Murktide – Deep Dive

Izzet Murktide is my petdeck in Modern and has been for months. I have a playlist on my YouTube Channel of me playing this deck over 10 times and today, I’m going deep in the archetype, sharing as much as I know about the deck. 



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4 thoughts on “Everything I Know About Modern Izzet Murktide – Deep Dive”

  1. Matthew Goodridge

    Anyway we can get updated primer with the new list floating around? Most lists seems pretty similar. Stock 73 cards. Some play an extra Fetch while others play a Fiery Islet. 15th sb is different.

  2. Luis Alvarez Zucchino

    Would also love to see an update to this guide, it’s a fairly different metagame now that Lurrus is banned, and there seems to be a different 75 floating around. 73 cards seem to be accepted, now with otewara being the 19th land/spell, but have 2 slots that are open.
    8th burn spell and 3rd charm being the “flex” slots.

  3. Would it be possible to get sideboard suggestions for the white/black Solitude, Grief, Stoneforge Mystic, ephermerate deck?

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