Everything I Did Wrong for the Neon Dynasty Set Championship

The Neon Dynasty Set Championship went slightly below average for Sanctum as a whole, but the event went incredibly poorly for me in particular. I finished 2-5, and was disappointed in some part in my play, but largely in my preparation for the event and deck choices. I both made poor choices on a personal level and arrived at inaccurate conclusions that affected the team as a whole. Being in no hurry to repeat these mistakes anytime soon, I spent a good deal of time reflecting on what I did wrong and figured I would share my results so that you too can avoid these pitfalls in the future!



Header - Focused on Results, Not Reasons

Getting an actually representative sample size in testing is completely impossible: you’d need to get significantly more games in than humanly possible to actually trust in pure numbers of results alone, across decks and matchups. This is a fairly basic principle of testing: you need to attempt to get some understanding of matchups that are not reliant simply on results, but rather some understanding of how decks work, both in general and a specific matchup.

Our Historic deck for the tournament was Auras, a deck which is extremely polarized with nigh-unbeatable good draws and near unplayable bad draws. As a result, it can often be hard to gauge how good matchups are based on specific games. Despite being acutely aware of this weakness, I based a fairly large amount of stock in numbers in testing. 

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